The Havanese Club of America, Inc.
The 2019 National Specialty will be October 14-19 at the Alexis Park Resort in Las Vegas. Be sure and mark your calendars. Show Chair is Liz Simon and Assistant Show Chair is Kathy Patrick. Havanese National Site
To enter the show, or find the premium list 
Additional Info  from Claudia

We have had more people make reservations for this National than any we have had before! 

We have been able to add rooms at our group rate for October 14th -17th BUT NOT on October 18th or 19th if you would like to make a reservation for the available days at the group rate. 

Please call 702-796-3322 or 702-796-3300 to make a reservation or to check on your reservation. Remember you need to specify if you need a lower level room and/or a room close to the ballroom. You will need to tell them that you are making a reservation for the Havanese Club of America 2019 National Specialty to get the group rate. You also need to tell them if you are going to have a dog in the room. The hotel has asked us to make sure everyone knows that they will be strictly enforcing their policy of which rooms are allowed to have dogs. A FINE OF $700.00 WILL BE IMPOSED BY THE HOTEL IF THEIR POLICY IS NOT ADHERED TO.  

This hotel can't do a wait-list for us, but they are willing to work with us to try and get everyone a room that wants one. 
But, we need your help!

If anyone is going to cancel their reservation please DO NOT CANCEL and contact Claudia first. Claudia will work with her hotel wait-list to move someone into your room. 
Please be sure to send Claudia :
-----The date that you are checking in and out 
-----The type of room (i.e. double, single)
-----Whether you were bringing a dog 
-----Your email address
-----Your phone number

Similarly, if you're waiting for a reservation, please contact Claudia  and let her know what you're looking for (see the above list) so she can check availability in her wait-list information about cancellations.”