The Havanese Club of America, Inc.
  1. The HCA National Specialty shall be the responsibility of the Parent Club and the HCA Show Events Committee.

  2. A hotel ballroom format is to be preferred for the National Specialty.

  3. All proposed sites and dates for the National Specialty shall be considered by the HCA Show Events Committee. The committee shall recommend a site and date for the National Specialty to the HCA Board of Directors for approval.

  4. Judges' Selection for the National Specialty. Breed Judge, Regular Classes-The Show Events Committee shall provide a pool of several available Judges (not to exceed six in number) for a full membership vote. The Judge receiving the greatest number of votes shall be selected. If the judge is unable to accept the assignment, the judge receiving the second greatest number of votes shall be selected. The HCA Show Events Committee will select additional Judges for the Non-regular classes. All Judges selected must be approved by the HCA Board of Directors.

  5. The Show Events Committee shall recommend to the selected judges to use discretion in accepting high profile Havanese breed assignments in the months immediately prior to the National Specialty.

  6. The Show Events Committee shall select a Show Chair for the National Specialty. This individual must have been a Show Chair or Assistant Show Chair for the National Specialty in previous year(s). If the Committee is unable to obtain a Show Chair with these qualifications, priority shall be given to individuals who have been Show Chairs for HCA local Specialties.

  7. The appointment of all Committees and Committee Chairs necessary for the efficient operation of the National Specialty shall be at the discretion of the Show Chair.

  8. The Trophy Chair shall select the Trophies for the National Specialty.

  9. All Trophy donations and monies for all other related services for the National Specialty and all HCA Specialties must be paid in full to the Trophy Chair or the HCA Treasurer prior to the publication of the premium lists for such shows.

  10. It shall be the policy of the HCA that $1000 seed money will be deposited in a bank account convenient to the National Specialty Show Chair to be used for deposits and expenses relating to the Specialty. All proceeds from the National Specialty shall be forwarded to the HCA treasurer within 10 days of the conclusion of the National.

  11. In the interest of good sportsmanship, no dogs owned by the Show Chairperson or Judges' Hospitality Chair or their immediate families will be exhibited in the regular classes at any HCA Specialty. They may participate in the non-regular classes and parades.

  12. Pet trimmed Havanese are allowed to enter all non-regular classes, excepting the Veterans Classes, at all HCA Specialties.

  13. The HCA Show Events Committee shall be comprised only of individuals with tangible prior experience in AKC-licensed events, representing HCA recognized Local Clubs actively holding events under the HCA license. Selection of members to this committee shall be subject to approval of the Show Events Committee