The Havanese Club of America, Inc.

Public Relations

The Board of Directors of the Havanese Club of America in recognition of the great contribution of Dorothy Goodale to the Havanese Breed announces the dedication of the HCA 2009 National Specialty to the memory of Dorothy Goodale.


It is with our sincere respect and appreciation that we take this opportunity to express our profound gratitude to Dorothy for her unwavering dedication to preserve and restore the once rare and near extinct little Cuban dog that we so cherish today - the Havanese.

To quote Dorothy from her book “Havanese, A Complete and Reliable Handbook” it was her “...dream to restore this rare breed to the former glory that it enjoyed in its native land of Cuba.”
During an incredible lifetime love affair with animals that spanned 85 years, Mrs. Goodale dedicated more than 50 of those years to the propagation of a variety of dog breeds.
Dorothy was an internationally respected author, breeder, canine authority, educator and owner of the Havana Doll House and Berdot Kennels. In addition, she was devoted to her family, friends, pets and beloved dogs throughout her lifetime.
(Obituary as printed in Montrose Daily Press,
Author, Dorothy Goodale ,as pictured in her book “Havnese, A Complete and Reliable Handbook”