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Dear Visitor: It is our hope that you are exploring this site as a member of the Havanese Club of America, or a Regional or Local Havanese Club member, and an owner of a Champion-potential Havanese from sound parentage, ready to commit yourself to the hard work of becoming a responsible Havanese breeder.


Breeding a healthy Havanese litter of sound temperament and correct type can be one of life’s truly rewarding experiences. The best breeders will tell you that they never stop learning. Producing a litter means that you are committed to the well-being of those puppies for the remainder of their lives.


This site is intended as a springboard to your education as a breeder, NOT as an all-inclusive text on canine reproduction. On this site you will find the common characteristics of good breeders as outlined in the Havanese Club of America Code of Ethics, a basic overview of the breeding process from start to finish, and a list of references from respected breeders and authors.

Please note: All articles, references, directions, instructions, examples and explanations contained in these Breeders’ Education pages are presented as the opinion or experience of the author, and should NOT be construed by anyone to be an endorsement by the HCA, nor as the only or best way to address a given situation. Always seek and follow advice from your Vet regarding any of the situations addressed on these pages.

Before You Breed

Introduction - Should I Breed my Dog?

Assessing Breeding Stock Conformation, Temperament, & Health

Selecting a Mate - Your Objectives for the Breeding

Prepare for Breeding

Estrus and Timing

Making Arrangements for Physical Mating

Making Arrangements for Artificial Insemination

Stud Contracts

Placement of Puppies

Puppy Application/Breeder Questionnaire


The Actual Mating

Courting and the Tie

Artificial Insemination

The Pregnancy

Nutrition and Conditioning

Evidence of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Calendar

Preparing for Delivery

Whelping Supplies

Whelping Area

The Birth

Normal Deliveries

Difficult Deliveries

Caesarean Section

Newborn Care

Supplemental Feedings

When to Call the Vet

Care of the Dam

Puppy Development – coming soon

Housing Your Newborns

Assessing Progress

Early Socialization

Physical Conditioning

Potty Arrangements

Weaning Puppies

Providing Puppy Buyer Updates

Placing the Puppies –coming soon

Show and Pet Evaluation

Registration, Documentation and Contracts

Selection and Pick-up Arrangements

New Owner’s Package

Puppy Follow-up – coming soon

Your Puppy’s New Home

Puppy Training and Formal Education

Fulfilling Contract Agreements

Records and Forms

Birth Record

Litter Daily Weight Record

Puppy Data Sheet

Dam Temp Chart

Weight Chart

Example of Puppy Book

References – list of books, websites, and other resources