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The Day has Finally Come to Pick Up Your New Havanese Family Member !

What should you expect to get from the breeder at delivery: What You Should Receive From The Breeder Before Paying The Full Purchase Price On your New Puppy. No Documents. No Money.

Both Parents' have a recorded pedigree. In order to be registered through AKC the family tree has to be on record. The pedigree is read from left to right. Sires information listed first then Dams listed second. You should receive a copy of both parent's pedigree.

 You Should Receive A Copy of the CERF Information on Both Parents. Each of your puppy's parents should have had their eyes examined by a Board Certified Ophthalmologist. This should be done every year until the age of 7 years to 8 years old. The Ophthalmologist is looking for defects in the eyes of the dog's he or she examines. This examination and its findings are recorded on a form. The Ophthalmologist keeps a copy for their records and sends a copy to CERF in Indiana. The owner of the dogs that were examined gets a copy. The copy the owner's get has a form on the back of it. That form is filled out and also mailed to CERF in Indiana. Once it is received it is matched up with the copy from the Ophthalmologist office and a number is assigned to register this information with CERF. A document is then sent back to the dog's owner with this information on it. If there were a problem with a dog's eyes CERF looks at the problem and decides if this problem can be passed to future offspring of a dog. If they determine it can be passed on to its offspring then CERF will not send the owner a document that the dog has cleared CERFs approval to be bred. This is why it is so important to get a copy of the document that the breeder received from CERF with the registered CERF Number on it. You should get one on both parents'. The test results are only good for one year from the date of the last test.

You should receive a list of vaccinations your pup received and the brand names. The list should include how many times the pup was wormed and what wormer was used. It should have any medical records or medical history recorded about your puppy. If you are traveling by plane with your puppy you will need a Health Certificate from the puppy's Vet. The puppy cannot be younger than 8 weeks to travel and the health certificate cannot be older than 1 week from examination of the puppy. The breeder should have gotten that and give it to you when you are taking your new puppy home.

 If you have not already done so you need to get a copy of the signed contract. Look it over to make sure everything looks the same before taking the puppy home with you. If you are not happy this is the time to take care of it. Not later when you have paid for the puppy and the breeder will not take your calls.

In order to register your new puppy into your name you will need the puppy's registration papers from your breeder. If you are buying a pet these papers' will probably be marked Limited. Limited means this puppy's offspring can never be registered and this puppy cannot compete in a confirmation (breed) ring. It means this puppy was not sold to breed. The breeder may want to withhold the papers until the puppy is spayed or neutered. If so you must have this clause written in your contract. Always cover the bases. You may never get the registration papers' for your new puppy if you do not walk away with them on the day of the final sale. Then you will need to contact The American Kennel Club and perhaps find an attorney to help you in this matter. If you are buying a Show and or Breeding puppy the registration papers' will be marked Full. The breeder may want to have the puppy registered in your name as the Owner and also registered in their name as a Co-owner. Once the contractual agreements on this puppy are completed the breeder will usually sign off as a co-owner and you will be the sole owner of the puppy. This is why the contract is so important. DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT YOU CANNOT OR ARE UNWILLING TO FULLFILL. You must be made aware that for any reason the breeder loses their AKC privileges and is suspended from AKC all of the dogs' they are named as a co-owner of will also lose their registration and show privileges. This site can supply you with more information on registrations.

It would be nice if the breeder were to include a copy of the Havanese Breed Standard for you to read and see how well your dog conforms to it. You can obtain the breed standard from the HCA website.

Most breeders' will give you some of the food your puppy is eating and instruct you where to purchase the food to continue your puppy on the same diet. A sudden change in diet may render your puppy very ill.

Your breeder may supply you with information on The Havanese Club of America.

Here are a few more resources that will interest you and help you in the future with your new puppy. The American Kennel Club, CERF Foundation, and Havanese Placement and Rescue Services.

Here are some email groups you can join and enjoy speaking to other Havanese Owners just like you.

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