The Havanese Club of America, Inc.

Here is a checklist of suggested items you might want to have for your new puppy.

General Cage Folding Crate Model # 202 For Home Use

Vinyl Coated Floor Grids For Model #202

Vari Kennel Carriers For the car and travel Model # 200 Floor Grill For Model #200

Cuddler Dog Bed

Stainless Steel Bowls

Poop Scoop Set

Natures Miracle Shampoo made for dogs

Small Grooming Table

Superduck 1600


Small Scissors for trimming Around the feet

WAHL Pocket Pro Trimmer

Greyhound Style Combs

Super Soft Slicker

Safari Pin Brush

Dental Care Kit made for dogs

Ear Cleaner

Choo Hooves

Puppies For Dummies Book


Show Lead (if you plan on showing your dog in conformation)

Collar Matching Lead

Resco Nail Trimmer

Kwick Stop

Bath Towels

Q-Tips Dog


Paper Towels

Mail Order Catalogs are the way to go. Here is a list of Catalogs you can request and shop from.

Call the different companies and request their catalog's or click on the links and shop on line. Happy Shopping!!

PetEdge 1-800-738-3343

Foster & Smith 1-800-826-7206

JEMAR 1-800-458-6598

Great Companions 1-800-829-2138

Pet Warehouse 1-800-513-1913

The Dog's Outfitter 1-800-367-3647

Care-A-Lot 1-800-343-7680

REVIVAL 1-800-786-4751

KV Vet Supply 1-800-423-8211

Puttin' On The Dog 1-800-720-8005

In The Company Of Dogs 1-800-544-4595

There is a huge selection of toys. Ones that can be washed in the washer with a little bleach are nice. Beds and toys can be chewed so keep your eyes on them.

You need to find out from your breeder what food the puppy is on and where to buy it. Do not change the food your puppy is on quickly. You have to change it slowly by mixing a tiny amount of the new food you choose to use to the food the puppy was eating at the breeders. Gradually add the new food and add less of the original food. At the end of at least 15 days your puppy will be switched over to the food you have chosen.

Do not be too anxious to give a lot of treats to your new puppy. They can upset their digestive system. To avoid causing allergies or upset stomachs until the puppy is 6 months of age try not to give it anything by mouth other than the puppy's food.

Once puppies are weaned from their mothers they no longer tolerate dairy products very well and it is best not to give them to your dog anymore. No milk or eggnog. Cream Cheese, and cheese products are hard to digest and can cause pancreatic problems. Hot dogs and lunchmeat are loaded in nitrites and salt. One of the biggest No-No's a great number of people do is feed their dog's inappropriate foods thinking they are good for them. Fatty, salty, chemically enhanced dog treats are not good for your dogs. Please do not feed them to them.

Only use doggy toothpastes made for dogs and do not use human dandruff products on your dog. Use products that are made for dogs. Any products you buy read the instructions and follow them before using the product on your dog.

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