The Havanese Club of America, Inc.



The Havanese Club of America has conducted two large health surveys. The conclusion of the most recent (2012) survey is:


The Havanese breed is basically healthy overall. As with any breed, there are inherited health problems that affect Havanese. The breed is fortunate that most of these problems are not life threatening. Through diligent health testing and open communication, Havanese breeders hope to maintain the health of the breed.


 The 2012 Survey     To download and review the document... click here
 1721 Dogs  
 68% Owner and 32%  Breeder  
 44% Male and 56% Female   


The 2004 Survey   Part 1    Overview and Results    
719 Dogs  Part 2    Results (cont)
46% Male and 54% Female     Part 3     Results (cont)
  Part 4     Appendices
  Part 5     The Survey